Home Equity Line of Credit

Giving you access to credit at a low interest rate.

Flexible Credit Options

A Home Equity Line of Credit or HELOC lets you use the value of your home as collateral. Securing credit at a low interest rate.

Benefits of a HELOC

Similar to a private mortgage, a HELOC uses the equity of your home to unlock access to financial assistance.

Low interest rate

Borrowing using assets like your home, can lead to lower interest rates.

Borrowing Power

You can borrow up to 85% of the equity in your home.

Convenient Access

HELOCs act similar to a bank account, access it through your debit card when you need it.


We are happy to have helped hundreds of families in the London Area over the past 25 years with their mortgages and property financing needs.

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“Thank you Dani and Ken for your very professional service. I had a great experience working with your whole team. They were able to get me results faster than I expected. I am looking forward to work with them in the future.
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“Ken & Dani made our mortgage experience very easy and flawless. Very diligent and professional with reviewing and setting up our application. Both were very quick with exceptional responsiveness and communication throughout the whole process.. They really do have the best options and rates!!! Thanks Ken & Dani”

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“Dani and his team at RMA are amazing! They made the process of refinancing our mortgage so smooth and helped us get some great deals. I would highly recommend anyone checking them out if they’re up looking to buy a home or renew mortgage or refinance.”

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