Private Mortgages

Borrow Money from your Home Equity

Alternative Financing

When lending from a bank isn’t an option, private mortgages allow you to withdraw the equity of your home to pay for what you need.

No income verification

Interest only loans

Short term loans

Flexible terms

Bad credit accepted

Illustration of family outside of their home.

What’s a Private Mortgage?

When you need cash and financing isn’t available from a bank or traditional lending institute, private lenders are available to offer financing.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who owns property can apply for a Private mortgage, no income verification required.

How much is available to me?

A private mortgage is available for up to 85% of the equity of your home.

Equation of: property value less mortgage amount equals the available equity.


We are happy to have helped hundreds of families in the London Area over the past 25 years with their mortgages and property financing needs.

Jay Rahn

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“This is my second time dealing with them and they are fantastic! Dani Hanna and his team make you feel like it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever done and communication throughout the process is quick and easy.

All around great company and would highly recommend!”

Jessa Patino-Pizarro

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“Just a few weeks ago, we were lost, confused and desperate. Buyers of our home refused to close. Our situation is rare. I googled mortgage brokers in London and luckily I found RMA. In just few minutes, I got a call back and explain our situation. Thank you for saving our dream home. We were able to close on our purchase and thank you so much for helping us! Thank you as well to Brandon and Ken! All the best and luck to your team!!!”

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“I am so happy that we found Dani at RMA! He is knowledgeable, honest and friendly! He offers excellent advice and goes above and beyond to provide you with outstanding, professional service! I highly recommend Dani at RMA!!!”

Benefit from a Private Mortgage

Private first and second mortgages are the fastest and easiest way to get the funds you need. Self employed, bad credit or no income? If you own a property you are eligible for a private mortgage.

  • Pay off debts
  • Home renovations
  • Investment opportunities
  • Business financing
  • Pay off consumer proposal
  • Big purchases
    (car, boat, second house, vacation, etc.)
  • Recover from bankruptcy
  • Pay taxes
  • Education & tuition fees
  • Pay mortgage arrears
  • Use as a bridge loan
  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Reduce monthly payments

Lets Chat Private Mortgage

Let’s talk about your options and when the time is right we can reach out to our private lender network to find you the best financing option.