Our local team of mortgage experts are here to help you in every capacity with navigating through the various financing options that affect your home or property.   Whatever your need we are here to guide you in the right direction, from First time homebuyers to business owners looking for private financing we can help.

First Mortgage

Are you a first time homebuyer in the greater London, Ontario area? We are here for you. Jumping into a hot market can be scary, but not if you’ve taken the right steps prior to house hunting. There are several unique programs and mortgage types available for first time buyers to make the process easier and more affordable. Meet with the experts and get pre-approved for a mortgage before contacting your agent. Be smart. Shop with confidence.

Mortgage Renewals

Renewing your mortgage is just as important as selecting your first. With every mortgage renewal comes the opportunity to reflect and assess your needs before deciding on a new product. Unfortunately, many people often resort to signing their existing agent’s renewal form without exploring their options. This can often result in higher rates and a mortgage package that may not fit with your current goals and circumstances. Don’t fall victim to this trap! Start early and consult a mortgage professional.

Mortgage Refinancing

Remember, “mortgage refinancing” refers to any changes made to your mortgage during the current term. While refinancing your mortgage will incur a financial penalty, it could potentially save you thousands of dollars depending on the circumstances and your unique financial situation. While there are many reasons homeowners inquire about refinancing or increasing their existing mortgage, the most common are as follows: to finance renovations, fund university/college tuition, invest in retirement and consolidate non-mortgage debt.

Private Mortgage Lending

If you’ve been turned down for a mortgage by a traditional financial institution, don’t panic. You still have options. Private mortgage lending is ideal for individuals who are capable of paying their loans, but have been excluded by the bank as a result of their unique circumstances. Whether you’re self-employed, new to Canada or simply in a tough credit spot, Dani and Ken can help you reach your goals regardless of your financial situation. In contrast to traditional financial institutions, private mortgage lenders emphasize overall property value over credit history and typically offer quick approval times, ensuring your life and routine are not disrupted.

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